The CITS SIARD (Content Information Type Specification for Relational Databases using SIARD) is a specification that describes how to package and preserve relational database content. This is primarily done by packaging SIARD files into information packages that conform to the Common Specification for Information Packages.

The specification helps you to apply a common way of storing multiple representations of a database (for example a proprietary backup and a SIARD snapshot) in a single package along with appropriate metadata and binary documentation of the dataset.



We welcome all feedback in regard to the SIARD CITS specification - if you have any comments or proposals, please contact us per This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or leave your comments on GitHub!


Relational Database Archiving Interest Group

The DILCIS Board and eArchiving Building Block also maintain a “Relational Database Archiving Interest Group” which documents and shares best practices on database archiving, the application of the SIARD and SIARD CITS specifications and related tools. If you are interested in joining the interest group please register at

For now the Interest Group has published two international case studies: