Common Specification for Preservation metadata

This is the common specification for preservation metadata based upon the standard Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies (PREMIS) found at The CS specification has been extended upon and contains the information previously found in CSIP, SIP, AIP, and DIP.

The specification itself is only a starting point giving the minimum needed since preservation planning and the implementation of PREMIS will differ in all available solutions.

The guideline for CSIP is also giving guidance to CS PREMIS.


Used standards

  • PREservation Implementation Strategies (PREMIS)
  • Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL) ‒ XML/DTD: ISO 22643:2003 (CCSDS 647.3-B-1:2002)
  • Information technology ‒ Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL) ‒ Part 3: Rule-based validation – Schematron: ISO/IEC 19757-3:2016 (ISO standard)


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Download CS PREMIS

Latest version (v1.0.1, May 17, 2024)

Previous version (v1.0.0, August 31, 2021)