CITS eHealth1 Patient Medical Records

Content Information Type Specification for Patient Medical Records (CITS eHealth 1)

The eHealth1 specification is built upon work done by the Directorate for Health in Norway on the establishment of a standard for electronically extracting health records from healthcare provider Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and their submission to a central health archive. The use cases envisaged for the central health archive are: a. to provide records to next of kin in compliance with open information regulation and b. to harvest the vast amount of historical healthcare-related data for medical research. The CITS takes input from the Norwegian specification on the structure of extractions from submitting systems and puts this into a framework that is compliant with the EARK common and package specifications. The eHealth1 specification also recommends the use of international domain standards for descriptive metadata. The specification is accompanied by two METS profiles for the Root and Representations within the packages.

Guideline (Primer) for CITS eHealth1

This guideline (primer) describes the eHealth1 s Content Information Type Specification (CITS). Some notes regarding the scope of  implementation are included, but in most cases, this will not be sufficient to explain how the specification will actually be applied, due to the complexity of each system. The guideline will be an evolving document, and thoroughly explained examples will be added continuously.


This METS profile describes the root METS requirements for the eHealth1 s Content Information Type Specification (CITS).


This METS profile describes the representation METS requirements for the eHealth1 s Content Information Type Specification (CITS).


Used standards

  • This specification uses the selected  eHealth formats
  • General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU (GDPR)
  • Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL) ‒ XML/DTD: ISO 22643:2003 (CCSDS 647.3-B-1:2002)
  • Information technology ‒ Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL) ‒ Part 3: Rule-based validation – Schematron: ISO/IEC 19757-3:2016 (ISO standard)
  • Common Specification for Information Packages (CS IP)
  • E-ARK Submission Information Package (E-ARK SIP)


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