SMURF (Semantically Marked-Up Record Format)

!! Please note that the SMURF profile is receiving significant updates. The updated profile will be published in spring 2019, the version here is retained for historic reasons but shall not be used. For further information please contact the DILCIS Board !!


The Semantically Marked-Up Record Format (SMURF) consists of two parts:

  • The specification for ERMS (electronic records management systems). It is not a totally new metadata standard for ERMS records extraction, but rather effective combination and use of already available standards in an interoperable way for archiving purposes. The specification is designed to be used for the transfer to archives and not for records exchange between ERMS.
  • The specification for SFSB (simple file-system based) records. SFSB records mean records that are contained in simple file-system based folders or files, including those originating from content and data management systems, such as SharePoint. SFSBs exist, for example, in operating systems’ native file systems designed to organize files and folders. The data requires manual enrichment with additional descriptive metadata in order to provide context and maintain authenticity. Additional pre-ingest tools (e.g. EAD editor) may be required to acquire or create this metadata. Otherwise these records share the metadata specification and workflows of the general ERMS records, with possibly fewer mandatory elements. For example, one specific sub-type of the SFSB profile is geodata which we will use in the SFSB specification to demonstrate the meaning of the SFSB content format.


About history:

In 2014, the E-ARK project conducted a survey and published a report on available best practices. The report provided, among other outcomes, an overview of extraction formats and functionalities used by data providers. The E-ARK project analysed the gathered information, discussed possible scenarios for data and metadata extraction and then presented the results in the Deliverable 3.3 which also extended the Deliverable 3.2 E-ARK SIP Draft Specification by providing a revised version of the D3.2 content, adding more details relevant for tool development and implementation, and describing specific profiles for the transfer of relational databases, electronic records management systems (ERMS) and simple file system based records (SFSB).

The current SMURF is based on the deliverable 3.3 and the feedback received from pilot projects. 

Please provide any comments and feedback in GitHub!

Download SMURF!

Current version

SMURF v1.7 (January 12, 2017)


Historic versions

SMURF v1.0 (Part of E-ARK deliverable 3.3. January 29, 2016)